Patrick Stock Reading

Friday, June 24, 2011


Fragrance actually help me to coverback much of my losses. think i was lucky due to many BI over the year. and taking regular little profit as and when my target were reached. Of course the overall environment help over the years...

- flooding of FT
- speculation of ppty mkt
- MBT die die just wayang on ppty mkt, refuse to increase supply, if my stafs do that, sure kanna warming and eventually fired.

One old timer siad, not exact word, if need to cut lost, cut it! Invest on other stock which will bring in profit to recover those losses and please learn from your mistake. Well I did, but somehow i still make same mistake occassionally, weak mind i have.

She also mentioned that a counter is heading south, it will continue to head south. no amount of averaging down is going to help one to recover. Because any bad news (related or not) will cause it to slide even deeper untill it turned into half cent stock. I think STI have many of these stocks (I didn't check), sometime i really think that the BB is controlling it. if I brought one of those counter, chances are i will be trapped forever.

It is usually reminded here (Mkt talk in channelnewsasia)that doing homework is important before buying (these days not often), the minimum one should do if it is too heavy of a task for FA, work on TA. Self learning is not going to work and chances are many are likely to fail on TA not to mentioned FA, like I did, of course there are people out there capable of doing it on their own.

OK being a failure who am I to give advice. Please do not think such becasue I'm just sharing.