Patrick Stock Reading

Thursday, June 26, 2014


I started trading with no experiences, no knowledge and know nuts. Just because I wanted to invest, I started to look around for information. Back then, nobody to turn to and no one to asked.

Manage to find out that I need a cdp account and how to open it. I knew that I need to find a broker from SGX. Well I did, services render to me by the staff, no comment. I am just trying to be nice to them.

Was lucky then, my first broker were, in my view is good, she had guided me on those "complicated processes"on buying and selling, and payments. I used to make payment at he brokage house, was so worried if i don't pay on time, I will lost my money.

I'll call her for every little thing, well she is nice enough to accommodate my request and even advice me not to buy into lousy counter, but i just don't listen.

Though my fews K very BIG then, in fact it is nothing comparable to what others is trading. Before I knew it, she left the company. I was assigned with another broker well, I stop calling since then, it is just not comparable. Think she is young, at least her voices suggested. She left and i was assigned with another, hardly calling my broken.

On learning, yes, If you haven't learn enough don't "invest" big big and thinking of play long long. Try with small $ and play small small also must think many many times.

TA is important, but I'm not hardworking loh... I'll try to learn and trade within the limit I'm comfortable with.  with those limited knowledge in my little head, do manage to make $$ for coffee or tea and may be a meal. it would be nice to have $$$ or $$$$ occasionally, but I am alright with $ than to minus $$$$.