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Thursday, June 26, 2014


I started trading with no experiences, no knowledge and know nuts. Just because I wanted to invest, I started to look around for information. Back then, nobody to turn to and no one to asked.

Manage to find out that I need a cdp account and how to open it. I knew that I need to find a broker from SGX. Well I did, services render to me by the staff, no comment. I am just trying to be nice to them.

Was lucky then, my first broker were, in my view is good, she had guided me on those "complicated processes"on buying and selling, and payments. I used to make payment at he brokage house, was so worried if i don't pay on time, I will lost my money.

I'll call her for every little thing, well she is nice enough to accommodate my request and even advice me not to buy into lousy counter, but i just don't listen.

Though my fews K very BIG then, in fact it is nothing comparable to what others is trading. Before I knew it, she left the company. I was assigned with another broker well, I stop calling since then, it is just not comparable. Think she is young, at least her voices suggested. She left and i was assigned with another, hardly calling my broken.

On learning, yes, If you haven't learn enough don't "invest" big big and thinking of play long long. Try with small $ and play small small also must think many many times.

TA is important, but I'm not hardworking loh... I'll try to learn and trade within the limit I'm comfortable with.  with those limited knowledge in my little head, do manage to make $$ for coffee or tea and may be a meal. it would be nice to have $$$ or $$$$ occasionally, but I am alright with $ than to minus $$$$.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Yangzijang had bottom at 1.23 and had since reverse from it downtrend. it touches its high at 1.46 in two weeks and had since pull back from rally and trading within the range of 1.41 to 1.45, this is a positive sign. Current resistance level is at 1.51.

Now waiting for the next breakout, CMF is Bullish Divergence and RSI is positive too.

Guess I could seat back and relax. gamble payoff.

No entrance fee at STI casino! oops!! just kidding..

Good luck.


SIA, profit drop 82% and it is expecting coming month travel booking to remain "steady". Is SIA trying to tell us not to expect significant profit this year? With high fuel price, challenging and uncertain economic market such as US and Europe, "investors/trader" should be careful on placing their bet. Not forgetting tiger air will be contributing the bleeding every single day till the ban is lifted. Even if the ban is lifted, the damage might have already done.

thinking aloud buy/sell at your own risk. remembered I'm gambler.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

City Spring

I do not read FA nor TA on this counter. I strongly belives (gut feeling) that this counter is going to be underwater, immediately after its right issue. Somehow I still went into one of it thread and cheer it.

OK, a quick look at the chart, Macd look positive (crossover), but it is not strong leh, one thing for sure weak volume. I think without it the price will not move much. If I didn't read wrongly, Temasek is still holding this counter. It is a concern because history may repeat itself.

If I had brought this counter, I will be actively monitoring it to sell even my profit is only 1$.

not vested

Friday, June 24, 2011


Fragrance actually help me to coverback much of my losses. think i was lucky due to many BI over the year. and taking regular little profit as and when my target were reached. Of course the overall environment help over the years...

- flooding of FT
- speculation of ppty mkt
- MBT die die just wayang on ppty mkt, refuse to increase supply, if my stafs do that, sure kanna warming and eventually fired.

One old timer siad, not exact word, if need to cut lost, cut it! Invest on other stock which will bring in profit to recover those losses and please learn from your mistake. Well I did, but somehow i still make same mistake occassionally, weak mind i have.

She also mentioned that a counter is heading south, it will continue to head south. no amount of averaging down is going to help one to recover. Because any bad news (related or not) will cause it to slide even deeper untill it turned into half cent stock. I think STI have many of these stocks (I didn't check), sometime i really think that the BB is controlling it. if I brought one of those counter, chances are i will be trapped forever.

It is usually reminded here (Mkt talk in channelnewsasia)that doing homework is important before buying (these days not often), the minimum one should do if it is too heavy of a task for FA, work on TA. Self learning is not going to work and chances are many are likely to fail on TA not to mentioned FA, like I did, of course there are people out there capable of doing it on their own.

OK being a failure who am I to give advice. Please do not think such becasue I'm just sharing.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My long term Investing strategy

I had purchase two counters of stocks from hear say and it lead to paper lost of 90% of it purchase value within a short period of time...since then I'd stop my purchasing with hear saying. No I'm not good in stock picking, in fact I'm struggling to understand what the hell are they(number and figure) is trying to tell me. Somehow I just can't associate it with the business transaction or whatever it is trying to associate with, thus I ditch it.

Then I look for company with strong cash flow and Micro mechanic is one that I manage to fine. I don't look at the figure, all I saw then was in one of those expert analysis form SGX state it have a strong cash flow and I brought it. After holding for more then a year, I unload about 80% of my holding with a little profit and the balance was left unattended till now. There are two more counters that I'd applied the same stategy. one of the counter my cost is standing of at 0.0273 or 6.5% of the current market price. I will off load 3/4 of my my new purchase when I gain alittle profit because balance are just profit that I do not realise and it may bring more reward then I could asked for of course the opposite (depleted profit) my be truth too. However this is not a concern because I have lock in tiny profit with all my capital in my pocket ready to reinvest or buying the same counter again.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Another gambling sessions

This time on YZJ. brought at 2.01, of course checked the chart and it suggested there are some room for upside movement of price. Though of a quick fix, turn out to be a long hual. Two days later it when down and 14 days later to a low of 1.76, I was thinking of averaging down then to prevent cutting lost, just in case if tomorrow price continue to lower.

Luckily, next day the sessions ended with a higher high and higher low. Sigh... can continue to hold on to it... Let see if it will reach my TP. Going long...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cosco Corp

Hand itchy, brought the same counter again, timing not good, chart indicated it over brought and it is likely to go down..sigh hold loh... 6mths later...till Monday,

although think it may have alittle more upside on tueday, but better be on the safe side... sold at 2.06

on Tueday see see look reached a high of 2.18 and close at 2.16. no problem $ back to my pocket liao

win on gambling again