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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sorry Folks

MACD consist of two MA, the cross over of these MA is use as signal for buying and selling. It may be use for holding on for a very short posting at Sembkim; "still going strong" = no sell signal... as for the histogram in MACD it was ignore by me, as it is just a mirror of the price movement. (That's how I view it personnally)

stoc - another buy/sell indicator. The over brought/ sold limit is set at 70-30 or 80-20. Anyone set it at 90-10-? At >80% overbrought zone. opps!!! my mistake on my posting at Sembkim, corrected liao.. there is no intention to mislead, sorry folks.

At >84% overbrought limit, one may consider start selling, holding on, buying, or just monitoring.

What will you be doing if you see what i saw in the chart, frankly, it is up to you, I have no control over you, so check before you act.

Monday, January 30, 2006


Ocbc investment research is rather skeptical on Kepland setting up an office REIT; K-REIT. It is seen as a destructive to shareholders’ value. Kepland is trading over 63% above it book value and if K-REIT were to be listed, which is comparable to Capitalcom trust, it is believes that it is unlikely to command such a premium...

On Marina IR, the chances for Kepland to win is low, if Kepland get the IR, it will needs an additional $630m, pushing its gearing well over 2.0 times according to the analyst...

Sunday, January 29, 2006


SembKim is expected to post record profits of $13.2m in FY05.DBS Vickers securities have a buy call at $0.47 and a 1 year TP of $0.58. News released on 23 Nov 05 on the signing of $43.62m contract to supply and operate fleet of coal vessels for Banpu, a publicly listed company in Thailand stock exchange.

According to the research, it remains a positive outlook for Sembkim due to the potential upside MoU it had signed with Amsteel Mills. If the deal with Amsteel mills firm up, it will contribute huge earning to SembKim. TP set exclude potential earning from armsteel project.

TA – Stochastic is at 84% overbrought zone,

MACD – golden cross formed and is going strong still...

Last trading session ended with a doji. Indecision or the market is taking a break? At current high $.0495, since it breakout from the resistance level at $0.48, it may be a new resistance level. ...

Friday, January 27, 2006

<<< Wishing One and All a Happy Chinese New Year!!!:D :D >>>

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

China Sun

Looking at the weekly chart of last week trading session, last two candles is not a perfect dark cloud cover but it is sure to have some negative impact on its current trend.

Daily chart, a tweezer top appeared after te last two trading sessions. Stochastics was at 85.6% oversold zone, nothing much to worried. MACD is making a turn, and MFI had moved downward...

There is some upside for today and maybe tomorrow trading, with consideration to stochastics and strongMA. After which, where will it be heading? Hope that there is no star, hangingman when the trading end today.

no need to agree one okay, it's just my personnal veiw. Not vested

Another singtel version

Weekly chart of Singtel.

It is not very impressive, right?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

singtel update

Smartyinvester, Thanks for the highlight. You're right on target on your analysis. Yet to read you posting on singtel, although had posted in the shoutbox :D

Personnal though on singtel...

Am bullish on this counter, but the gap down have an bearish implication and in such case would prefer to wait for confirmation signal for a bullish view. In this case, the next trading session, price did not gap up, instead, it was traded at lower high and lower lower, thus continue to wait. Today session, a tweezer bottom formed, believes we share the same view on the tweezer bottom and stochastic and it implications on the counter. :D

Additional indicators;
Price is still trading below MA, and yet to breakout from the trendline I draw or a breakout from it down trend. (not show in the chart)
MACD yet to show a positive signal
MFI is moving upward. (positive)
Market - great buying interest at $2.46- $2.47

with the above consideration it may means that this is an attempt by the bull to take control.

To move in now is sort of risky, however high risk = high reward. to wait for a perfect signal is highly unlikely in the stock market. Therefore ablity to take risk is also an attribute to sucessful trading. :D

IF I buy into this counter next week, I would have a TP between +$0.20 -$0.22. my cut lost will be 2% down from my TP.

Vesting interest. Please note that this is a personnal view and not a recommendation to buy or sell the share of this counter. Any action taken by individual is at their own discretion.

have a profitable day.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Singtel Gap down

the gap down means that the downtrend pattern will continue. Hope when the market open in the morning, the gap is close.

Not vested.

China sun update

My last posting on 23 dec.05 highlighted, if a strong breakdown from $0.425, means comfirmation of a H & S formation, however it fail and rallied to hits a high of $0.645 before retracted to a close at $0.58 today.

The last trading session (today) an inverted hammer was formed. Usually this indicate a reversal in a downtrend stock, although not every time lah.
What about a retractment? Anyone got struck during the sell down. It's monitoring time.

If I'm buying I'll buy at 0.575
TP will be set at resistant and will be adjust up 5 bids if it touches TP
Cut loss 0.56.
Still no vesting interest.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Ausgroup Update

Daily chart
Within week from my posting, this counter trended down to its low of 0.195 before recovered and closed at 0.245 today.

A breakout will be nice. To draw a resistance at 0.245 may seems too easy to break. Drawing it at 0.290-5 may seem to be "kiasu" and "kiasi".

Whatever suit you best.

Weekly chart

Looking at the weekly chart, hm.. not as good as the daily chart, but not too bad at all compared to my last posting.


Breakout today strongly, many indicators are showing bullish sign.

S-h thanks for highlighting.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Raffles Education Corp

Research By DBS Vickers Securities
Report Date 9.1.2006
Buy S$1.62
TP S$2.05 (1 year)
Reason for report - company update

It was said that they are expecting another strong quarter result due to the increase of student enrollments. With new school opening RLS should benefit from the educational marekt in the region, namely Vietnam, India and China. Buy called maintain with a raise of TP S$2.05

For more detail visit SGX site. For infomation only

Monday, January 09, 2006


Seksun have been moving sideway since the second days of new year. For four consecutive days, it is still trading at a price range of $0.325 and $0.33. Today, it end with a doji with the same price range.

The nearest support at $0.32. Looking at the candles of last few trading sessions, it is top tweezer (up trending) with the doji appeared today, will the trend reverse or it is just taking a break?

No vesting interest. Trade with care if contra..