Patrick Stock Reading

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Big fish, small fish,

Was monitoring a counter this morning, once the trading started, the volume is practically low and seems to me that there’s hardly any trading and the price seems to stay flat. This continues for more than half hour or more, all of a sudden price moves with increase volume.

Once this happened, many sell order suddenly appeared. The buying seems to be strong and fast, and within second, the price up by three bids, but the buying interest didn’t seems to last, but this is not true to the selling order as it continues to increases.

Moment later saw people start selling at one bids lower from the intraday high and more sell order coming in. Well the buying started and in between saw some big volume being pick up...

I wonder…

Monday, July 17, 2006


Read the news about the war, and well monday comes and as expected market went down. sigh... s.....

no eye see.. go shooting better...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Full time trader

Read it in cna forum, but didn't quite follows it posting, saw the title this morning and pondering. Main points such as skills, knoweldge, guts, emotions couple with examples to highlight the important of having these fundamental and benefits for all. To me, it is quite well covered.

However, don't quite agreed with the "greed" in us. To be a full time trader, beside some basic needs plus abilities to long as well as shorting stock/ stocks with some others trading instructments. One must

- be greedy

Be greedy? hm, my view, when we buy into strength (at new high price, thinking of selling higher) some one is selling. Question is, did they think of leaving some for others? Guess this is not true, all they knew is making as much as possible, they going to squeeze us dry, if they could and personnally I don't believes they're going to leave some for us.

Therefore, be as greedy as you possibly wanted. If you greed is one cent, or even 50 cents go for it, but if the overall market said they are not giving that one or 50 cents now, don't argue and take what they're willing to give and go.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Have been happily shooting at target since the begining of world cup, instead of monitoring the market. oops!!!

I'm either indoor or outdoor shooting... arrows... damn .... enjoying it...almost everyday, load arrow, aim, release and follow through.

I started with a 24# bow and now pulling a 28# bow. releasing about 100 arrows in an hours or two is no joke, finger, arm and shoulder is aching all over and a little on my back.

Archery? Yes! a sport for all. Physically, quite tough on muscular endurance, but it's secondary to me as I'm enjoying it and will be building it. Archery needs concentration and coordination between eye, arm, finger, and mind. Slight distraction equal poor result. It's also all about acheiving "personal best" and I'm working on it.

Started with a 5m as beginner in early June, by end of June, had acheive nice group at 9m and now am working on my 18m grouping... hope I got it by the first week of July. Market wise, can wait.

Happy trading for those playing in the market.