Patrick Stock Reading

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Defensive trading

This is not a recommendation, don`t be bother by it, it`s just my view.

With so much uncertainty in the market today stocks price are going south bit by bit daily. It`s time to find some safety to fight another day. Some may had exit their position by now with $ in hand (bank), others may be waiting....

i`m off loading and shifting to dividen play while waiting out for a much steady market. one aspect that i set for divden play is it must be a blue chip with high per share value, strong cash flow and steady profitability.

trans and comm counters and GIC link company is where i`m searching for my dividen play. once in position, guess i could stay away from the market for a long long time, and waiting for the market to turn bullish again. oops, did i said bullish...., personnally, think the bear is yet to be in control... but hey! it is better to be safe rite? So what`s the problem? happy trading.