Patrick Stock Reading

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Long Term View Needed

Three months into the new year, what we saw are most of our holding being beaten to it lowest. Not to bad for the blue chip as they are recovering.... but this do not apply to peeny stocks. For once, I must admit, I held two counters that was beaten down so badly that there is no sight of recovery..... sigh...

Averaging down may seem to be my solution but with so much uncertainty, subprime, possible US recession, high inflation, high oil price....,

Have to relook at these two counter serioulys, if it is promising than averaging down may be the best option as I'm preparing to hold for a period of three to five years long term investment . However, if it is not as promising, it will be better to realise that lost and look elsewhere for I need to grow my $ not sink it into some cmpany that is not performing.

For those counter that I have yet to lay my hand on, with an investing period of three to five year, it may be good to start loading bit by bit...of cause blue chip is in favour, but not forgeting those promising stock that relate to energy as well as defensive stock and eductional is not to be miss to.

happy investing