Patrick Stock Reading

Monday, April 26, 2010


I was looking at Cosco Corp last week, log into the forum and there were many people discussing about the fund getting out of Genting and buying into Cosco... Quickly I monitor the time and sale of two days before I jump into it. It is a concern to buy now because the trend it not on my side and a high chance that the price is likely to go down...

OK, let push my luck, buy Q at 1.77 just day before XD (filledin the morning) . Closely monitoring it and in the morning it session ended with 1.81 or 1.82 (can't quite recalled) I was telling myself then I'm going to sell at 1.84 and will monitor it closely in the afternoon session. It was kind of relived for me to see that it was trading between 1.82 -1.83 and a large transaction on going on seller price (still I'm concern about the market might turn again me, thus I'm all ready to settle for less...)

Well, luck is on my side shortly after keying in my order it was filled. the rest is history. OK, this is gambling, not encourage.