Patrick Stock Reading

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My long term Investing strategy

I had purchase two counters of stocks from hear say and it lead to paper lost of 90% of it purchase value within a short period of time...since then I'd stop my purchasing with hear saying. No I'm not good in stock picking, in fact I'm struggling to understand what the hell are they(number and figure) is trying to tell me. Somehow I just can't associate it with the business transaction or whatever it is trying to associate with, thus I ditch it.

Then I look for company with strong cash flow and Micro mechanic is one that I manage to fine. I don't look at the figure, all I saw then was in one of those expert analysis form SGX state it have a strong cash flow and I brought it. After holding for more then a year, I unload about 80% of my holding with a little profit and the balance was left unattended till now. There are two more counters that I'd applied the same stategy. one of the counter my cost is standing of at 0.0273 or 6.5% of the current market price. I will off load 3/4 of my my new purchase when I gain alittle profit because balance are just profit that I do not realise and it may bring more reward then I could asked for of course the opposite (depleted profit) my be truth too. However this is not a concern because I have lock in tiny profit with all my capital in my pocket ready to reinvest or buying the same counter again.