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Friday, July 29, 2011


Yangzijang had bottom at 1.23 and had since reverse from it downtrend. it touches its high at 1.46 in two weeks and had since pull back from rally and trading within the range of 1.41 to 1.45, this is a positive sign. Current resistance level is at 1.51.

Now waiting for the next breakout, CMF is Bullish Divergence and RSI is positive too.

Guess I could seat back and relax. gamble payoff.

No entrance fee at STI casino! oops!! just kidding..

Good luck.


SIA, profit drop 82% and it is expecting coming month travel booking to remain "steady". Is SIA trying to tell us not to expect significant profit this year? With high fuel price, challenging and uncertain economic market such as US and Europe, "investors/trader" should be careful on placing their bet. Not forgetting tiger air will be contributing the bleeding every single day till the ban is lifted. Even if the ban is lifted, the damage might have already done.

thinking aloud buy/sell at your own risk. remembered I'm gambler.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

City Spring

I do not read FA nor TA on this counter. I strongly belives (gut feeling) that this counter is going to be underwater, immediately after its right issue. Somehow I still went into one of it thread and cheer it.

OK, a quick look at the chart, Macd look positive (crossover), but it is not strong leh, one thing for sure weak volume. I think without it the price will not move much. If I didn't read wrongly, Temasek is still holding this counter. It is a concern because history may repeat itself.

If I had brought this counter, I will be actively monitoring it to sell even my profit is only 1$.

not vested